We have certified and experienced inspectors in our team and undertake the inspection and calibration of the following;


  • Different kinds of cranes which include gantry cranes, pulpit, marine, telescopic etc
  • Different Lifting gears such as metal Slings, nylon slings [Webb], Shackles, Pad eyes, Clamps, life lines etc
  • Other weight [ Load ] bearing equipment such as forklifts, buckets, trucks, pulleys, tyfors, etc


OE / HSEQ Software:

Q-Pulse; Is a Quality, Safety, Risk Management and Operational Efficiency software which provides management solutions to support the needs of the business using one integrated management tool:

It does this by:

  • Reducing bureaucracy
  • Providing focus and encouragement to continually improve performance
  • Provides a centralised Compliance Management Solution
  • Supports key business processes
  • Transforms compliance from a bureaucratic overhead to valuable business insight

Q-Pulse is also used in the integrated management and analysis of Audit, Document control, Occurrence & Incidence [Reporting processes], Suppliers, Preventive and Corrective actions, Customer, Staff competency, processes, improvement ideologies and company Assets.